Projects in Post Production:

The Secret in the Basement

When hair stylist Talia befriends a timid homeschool girl, she opens herself up to a terrible secret—and puts herself in the crosshairs of a sadistic manipulator.T he theme of our short looks into the how's and why of manipulation and good vs. evil. How does someone that looks seemingly wholesome on the outside have the ability to manipulate so many around them into doing things they know are morally wrong. What happens when someone being manipulated starts to take a stand and has the fight of what is good versus what is wrong and evil? We want to bring the audience into a dark story that will have them on the edge of their seats questioning this themselves.

Projects in Development:

Untitled Pilot

Sometimes to make your dreams come true, you must forget the past and move onto the next chapter. This is the tale of one woman who is leaving behind a broken heart to overcome all obstacles for the big lights. Wearing her heart on her sleeve and unashamed of who she is, she takes her chance in the city of angels.


Desperate to change the course of her life for herself and her daughter, Jillian, a diner waitress in Phoenix takes up what seems like an opportunity of a lifetime to become a content moderator for the world’s largest social media platform. With one eye on the future and the other on her past, Jillian isn’t prepared for the trauma her new seemingly safe job has in store for her. Not having been equipped to manage her own childhood trauma, she slowly begins to remember every single bit of daunting instance from her abusive father and her neglectful mother. Watch the Teaser Trailer Here

Cheetos and Wine

Cheetos and Wine is an animation centers around the hilarious everyday adventures of a dysfunctional brother and sister, one being a bag of cheetos the other a glass of wine as they get stuck as roommates in Los Angeles amidst a random winter storm.